A Little Oasis


I don’t use my DSLR camera that much and compared to my father who’s kind of obssesed with cameras (not photography), I just love taking picture that I wanted, even though I’m not that skilled using cameras. Perhaps, I’ll upload some more in the near future.

A little oasis for a group of herons.

A little oasis for a group of herons.

Before the sun sets in our loveley farm

Before the sun sets in our loveley farm

These two photos were taken in the early March, during my monthly visit to our farm. Taken with Canon 550D + 18-200m Tamron Lens.

Adam, Sang Absolut dan Kontak Pertama

Adam Anak Manusia yang Terkutuk

Ada seorang anak manusia yang terkutuk. Jiwa dan raganya penuh dosa, karena ketidak-tahu-diriannya dan permintaan egoisnya kepada Sang Absolut. Harta, wanita dan status sosial mungkin adalah hal-hal yang esensial dan didambakan bagi anak manusia. Segala kenikmatan duniawi telah melengkapi hidupnya, dungunya dia, dia tetap mendahulukan ego dan meminta kepada Sang Absolut. Ini adalah cerita tetang anak manusia yang terlalu angkuh untuk menyembunyikan ego besarnya, ini adalah cerita tentang Adam.

Kehidupan yang bergelimang harta, orang tua yang penuh kasih sayang, tidak cukup bagi diri Adam. Dia meminta lebih. Dia meminta suatu hal yang tak mungkin manusia normal kabulkan. Dia berharapa sebuah kakuatan absolut datang untuk mengabulkan permintaannya. Dia bersimpuh kepada Sang Absolut. Dia yang bagi anak manusia adalah kekuatan absolut dan pemilik jagat raya, adalah sosok yang asing bagi Adam. Nurani dan kebodohannya tidak cukup kuat untuk mempercayai junjungan para anak manusia. Ketidak percayaannya pada Sang Absolut itulah yang membuat dia putus asa dan akhirnya meminta kepadanya untuk mengabulkan egonya. Karena dia percaya bahwa permintaanya terlalu istimewa untuk anak manusia normal.

Bayang-bayang akan terkabulnya keinginannya selalu bertamu didalam pikiran. Adam percaya bahwa dia sudah meminta, dan saat ini sedang menunggu realisasinya. Dia menunggu dan menunggu. Namun jawaban tak juga kunjung datang. Dia mencemooh, mencaci Sang Absolut. Merajuk bagaikan anak kecil yang tak diberi panganan manis oleh orang tua. Adam mulai tak percaya, meskipun ketidakpercayaan sudah jadi panganan sanubari bagi dirinya, rasa ketidak percayaan terus bertambah. Adam mulai sadar bahwa ketidak percayaan ini mulai bertransformasi menjadi kebencian. Walaupun mungkin saja rasa benci yang Adam rasakan adalah refleksi keputus-asaan dari keinginan yang tak terkabul. Adam mulai membenci Sang Absolut. Benci dan percaya bahwa dia tak terlalu absolut atau bahkan dia sama sekali tidak absolut. Sang absolut tak lebih dari khayalan fana anak manusia.
Gundah gulana, Adam tak pernah berhenti membenci Sang Absolut. Ketika dia bertemu dengan sesama anak manusia dan anak manusia tersebut berbicara dan mengagung-agungkan Sang Absolut, Adam hanya merespon datar. Dalam pikiran Adam, anak manusia ini begitu dungu, dilain pihak Adam mengagumi kepercayaaan semu tersebut. “Bagaimana bisa anak manusia ini mengagungkan hal yang tak mereka bisa rasakan atau mereka lihat?” ungkap Adam dalam hati.. Berusaha menahan sunggingan meremehkan, Adam menyembunyikan sikap angkuhnya secara canggung, dia tak mau anak manusia tahu bahwa dia sedang berperang melawan Sang Absolut. “Berperang? Bagaimana mungkin ini disebut sebuah perang, bila sang lawan tak menunjukan batang hidungnya?”, kata Adam terkekeh.
Waktu terus berjalan, detak jarum jam memenuhi ruangan, malam itu sungguhlah sunyi bagaikan sebuah lubang hitam yang memiliki dimensinya sendiri. Adam hanya berbaring diatas tempat tidurnya, tak melakukan apa-apa, tak memikirkan apa-apa, tak berusaha untuk tidur. Tiba-tiba Adam mendengar sebuah suara, sayup-sayup, timbul tenggelam. Suara itu terdengar semakin jelas. Adam mencari darimana asal suara tersebut, ditengoknya keseluruh pojok ruangan, dibukanya jendela kamar, namun Adam tak menemukan siapa pun disana. Suara itu menjadi sangat jelas, tidak dalam nada yang kuat namun tak pula lirih. Suara itu terdengar tepat diujung telinga Adam, seakan-akan seseorang sedang membisikan sesuatu dan berbaring tepat disampingnya. Dari suara tersebut terdengar sebuah kalimat, “Kau terlalu bodoh untuk menjadi salah satu dari mereka, oleh karena itu kau akan merasakan kegelapan di dunia”. Adam terheran-heran, butuh waktu beberapa menit sampai Adam merespon, “Apakah ini adalah jawaban dari permintaan ku?”. Adam menunggu jawaban, namun tak satu pun suara terdengar bahkan detak jarum jam seakan menghilang, murni sunyi.
Di malam itu rasa kantuk tak pernah datang. Ditemani kesunyian dan malam yang terasa panjang, Adam hanya terheran dan bertanya apalah makna dari kalimat itu. Rasa penasaran berhenti di satu titik kesimpulan, dan Adam percaya bahwa dirinya baru saja bersinggungan dengan Sang Absolut. Ini mungkin adalah kontak pertama dan mungkin pula terakhir.

Fly So High or Fly So Low


Almost a century a go (I presume) people try to fly by imitating how the birds fly. Started by galileo, Da Vinci, and finalised by Wright brothers, the thrill of flying is always lingering in history of humankind. Nowadays, we can fly to wherever and whenever we wants, plus it doesn’t cost that much. Well, certainly there are some airlines that offer premium seat or executive class, but also there are also low-cost carrier (LCC). In addition, compared to years ago, when commercial airlines start to arise, todays flight costs are quite cheap. However, there is a cancer within todays aviation business, since the demand is considerably high, some airlines try to press down the cost as cheap as possible and LCC is one of the tremor. In my beloved country, Indonesia, with the fast growing economy and fast growing middle class family, people really love to fly. Commercial flight is in really high demand, and there are bunch of airlines come and go and LCC becomes a madonna. When people try too hard, they tend to fall or break into pieces, and it goes to the same thing to LCC. They try to lower the cost too damn low, which makes the accidents become a likely visitor. I understand that it is arguable, accident do not differentiate, either LCC or full-service carrier will always have a possibility to get into accident. However, LCC is still the most troublesome one, especially in Indonesia. With such a huge market demand and massive competitors low operational cost becomes a priority. During these months, Indonesian aviation is getting more complicated and showing its true colour. Air asia crashed in java sea, Lion Air passengers have been hit by constant delays. Government officials blame the airlines, the airlines blame other ones. The true colour of Indonesia aviation is starting to take a place, a mess. Despite of what LCCs said to relieve public bad reception, a thorough investigation should be done. I am not an expert at things like aviation, but it is really visible for general public that there’s something wrong within LCCs. The competition is getting tighter. LCCs such as Lion Air or Air Asia are trying to become a king in this legit market. It is true that people want to fly with low price, but there is no room to compromise safeties. While planes fly so high, people are yearned with its low cost flight. So, fly so high or fly so low?

Where is your promised land?

Indonesia, Reflection

A long time God gave  a promise to His loyal human, Abraham. From Egypt river to Euphrates, the land of God that Abraham descendant can live in there. The land that Israel people can plant their good deeds. The promised land, the land of God, where God himself demand to get a good things from His people.

For me, the term of promised land can be meant a lot and varied. The promised land is not also given by God, but by us! Where did that conclusion comer from? Promises are all about hope. A father promises to his son, then the son hopes his father will fulfil his promise. Then what is the relation between father and promised land? It is hope, a hope to get something, a hope that the promisee will fulfil.

Back when I still lived in Sumatra, I really enjoyed my life there. A small city, with good big smiles everywhere. And I thought, people who live their whole life and spend the rest of their life in there, are lucky. Then it led me to think that I also want to live with that kind of life. Until now, I still hope  that I belong in that small city. Also, that hope encourage me to build my own promised land. A place where I can relax and close my eyes peacefully.

Back in pre and post independence era, Indonesia was a land of hope. The founding fathers, shed their tears and blood with hope. A hope that their motherland will be a good place for their children, a wonderful place that their children will work side-by-side to achieve utopia. Indonesia is promised land. The promised land, of course, is not cheap and depends on how much effort you put in.

Now let me ask you, has your promised land already came true? Are you ready to cry a river while struggling to achieve your utopia?

That carpenter keeps smiling


Arif Zulkifli - Suatu hari pd 2008 lalu. Majalah Tempo memilih 10... 2014-08-01 22-53-42 2014-08-01 22-54-19

Last 22 July, Indonesia has been shown how a carpenter can shake the whole nation. For certain people, that ‘shake’ would be meant as a good thing while the other side still struggling to control their anger. Accusation for being cheated is quite normal, because it also happened in last elections (2009, 2004). What make it became big is there was only two candidates, which ‘divided’ people into two factions.

Now, the election is already over, ramadhan is over as well, and there are other of things that people should do. The winning atmosphere from the carpenter’s side is still boiling, since they are curious on what kind of cabinet that the carpenter will be. In his campaign, mr. carpenter was promising to build professional cabinet and now people are recommending suitable individuals for his ‘new-type’ of cabinet. Then the carpenter just smiled when journalists asked his responds about peoples enthusiasm.

In the other side, Hambalang and Rumah Polonia are in the state of gloominess. The big general has filed his ‘despairs’ to constitutional court, of course while playing victim. This stupid blunder just made some of his follower gave renunciation signs to him. Of course, there are still bigots that licking at the big general charisma, well a good drama indeed.

I can’t wait how these things will develop, whether the carpenter’s cabinet, the despair of the big general, both of them are so funny and appealing to watch. I love laughing at the big general’s drama, because its been a while since I watch tragic, yet funny thing. I love seeing that carpenter’s smile, I can’t imagine what kind of feeling he is having right now, satisfaction? Winning is absolutely a good thing, but I hope the carpenter’s smile means he would work hard for his boss, we are his boss, we are human, and we love seeing our servant work hard to please the boss. Keep smiling, Mr. Carpenter.

Burwood, Victoria. (11:06PM)